Current Trends in the Art World

art trendsArt is something that is always subject to personal taste; what one person thinks beautiful and exciting may be of no interest to the next man. When it comes to the value of a work of art there are many factors that may be of influence, and these often change with the times. What was valuable and collectable twenty years ago, for example, may not be so now, so it is always wise to keep an eye on what is currently in trend in the world of the arts.

Among the current art trends at the time of writing we find that modern art, that of the latter half of the 20th century, is particularly in vogue. Glass is extremely collectable – look for Scandinavian art glass of the 60’s for some sensibly priced items that can only increase in value – and lithographs and photographs are also becoming more sought after. If you are willing to take a chance you could buy works of art that are clearly not currently popular, with the hope that they will become so, and many people have become lucky this way.

The rise in popularity of online auction sites, which in turn have led to more modern works of art becoming more desirable and also affordable, has led to more people becoming collectors, but the underlying problem with these sites is the inability to physically inspect the items before purchasing. Always look for provenance where possible, and beware of extravagant claims. Perhaps the best advice when collecting is this: buy what you like. Monetary value is not everything when it comes to works of art, but you need to know what your items are worth, especially for insurance purposes. Contact us at I Value The Arts for a free, expert valuation – you may be surprised to discover what you own!

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