Make Money on Little-Used Cars the Artist Way

Are you one of the many two car families in which the second vehicle gets little use? Or perhaps you own a car but commute to work on public transport thanks to cost and convenience? In either case there is a car sitting around, used only occasionally, that is losing you money in terms of depreciation, insurance and maintenance. You’ll be pleased to know, then, that we have found a way of getting that vehicle to make you money, and you can still own and use it when you need to.

car rental

We’re talking about RentMyRide, an innovative and popular car rental service in South Africa, and we are sure you’ll like what we’re about to tell you. RentMyRide works like this: owners of cars register them on the website as available for hire; all they have to do is ensure the car is roadworthy – there’s a checklist on the website to help – and in good condition. They fill in a diary that shows when the car is available for rent, and that’s just about it. If someone in the area requires a car like yours they will find it on the site, send a request for a reservation, and the rest is up to you.

You get paid on a set date every month from your monthly car rental in Cape Town – your take is 75% of the rental cost – as a direct payment into your bank account, and it is a safe and secure system. You also retain the option to reject potential renters if you are unsure about them, and you don’t need to worry about insurance because that comes from RentMyRide. It really is a great way of making money from unused or little-used vehicles, so if you have one standing around register with RentMyRide right now and see how quickly you start making money.