The Value of Art

value of artWhat is a work of art worth? It’s a good question, and one that does not have a simple answer. In truth, any work of art may be worth more to one person than to another in a sentimental way; that brooch passed down from Grandma is invaluable to you, for example, but its actual worth – in terms of money – may be what interests others. Trends in the world of collecting also influence the value of works of art; modern art, in particular that of the 20th century, is very much in trend right now, and many items are worth more than they have ever been as a result.

Valuing art is not something for the layman, and needs an expert eye. The expert needs to have knowledge not only of the artist but of where their work lies in the current market. Some artists, sculptors, writers and photographers – or any artist in their chosen field – are always sought after, but it should be stressed that there are always new, young artists coming to the fore, and many of these make an impact that means their work becomes collectable. The wise collector keeps an eye on the market, and takes note of trends.

For many people the value of a work of art lies not in its monetary worth but in its beauty – to them personally – hence a valuation is merely a way of knowing what it would bring on the open market. Whether you are considering selling your works of art or not it is always wise to have an up to date value, especially for insurance purposes. At I Value The Arts we have experience and knowledge in accurately valuing all types or artwork, and we offer a free service that is easy to use. Why not get in touch now and see how much your valued objects are worth? You may be pleasantly surprised!