I Value The Arts is a dedicated site offering free art valuations. Why have we chosen to offer such a service? Quite simply, we love art of all kinds, and we believe the collecting of and care of art needs to be nurtured and encouraged. Many people have objects of art that, without their knowledge, may have some value; original paintings that have been passed down the generations, for example, or decorative ornaments that may be older than you may believe. Of course, not everything will be worth a great amount, but with our free valuation service you have nothing to lose.

At I Value The Arts our expert, Victoria, has a wide range of knowledge and experience that allows her to use her various skills and contacts to get genuine valuations for your works of art. Whether you have a painting, sculpture, or other work of art, we can help you find out if it has any value, and you never know what you may have in your loft or garage, or in any number of drawers or cupboards around the house, that may be of value. Our service is easy to use and – remember – completely free of charge, so why not have a look around now and see what you can find?

It may be that you have a valued work of art that you have no intention of selling, yet wish to know its current worth; items that you have had valued previously may have risen in value – the market for works of art changes all the time – so it is worth getting in touch with us at I Value The Arts for an up to date valuation. We are here to help collectors, art lovers and anyone who has something they feel may be of value, so get in touch with us right now and we will be more than happy to give you a valuation.